Sampling Services

  • PS 60
  • PS 73
  • Ranger 66
  • MOSTAP Sampler

Undisturbed thin walled samplers

Undisturbed Samples retains as closely as practicable the true in-situ structure and water content of the soil and suitable for tests which measure properties of the in-situ soil structure, such as density, strength, and consolidation characteristics.

60mm Thin walled Piston sampler (Area Ratio 11%) – Sample Size: Diameter: 60mm, Length: 0.6m

73.5mm Thin walled Piston Sampler (Area Ratio 9.5%) – Sample Size: Diameter: 73.5mm, Length: 0.6m

Sampling is carried out in discontinuous lengths of 0.6m. The sampler is pushed to the required depth using the CPT push frame with either CPT or casing tubes.

Once the required depth is reached, a wireline overshot (lowered through the pushing tubes) unlocks the piston. To collect the sample, the CPT system advances the tube while the conical tip remains stationary. Samples are retained in the stainless steel tubes with Seals and Caps to retain moisture.

Ranger 66 Soil Sampling System

Ranger series is a push in soil sampler deployed using CPT push equipment. The Ranger allows the user to acquire soil samples using any CPT rig. This enables a more complete ground investigation program without the need for extra machines to be mobilised to site.

Sampling is carried out in discontinuous lengths of 0.5 m or 1 m. The sampler is pushed to the required depth using the CPT push frame and either CPT or casing tubes. The Ranger-66 is preferably pushed with 55 mm casing tubes. Once the required depth is reached the sampler is unlocked using a wireline overshot that is lowered through the pushing tubes. To collect the sample the Ranger is then advanced using the CPT system while the conical tip remains stationary. The barrel is lined with a sampling tube of either stainless steel or PVC.

Upon reaching the surface the tube is removed from the barrel without compromising the sample and sealed to retain moisture content. Split tube liners are also available to allow easy removal of the sample from the tube. Coupled with existing CPT equipment the Ranger series enables the quick deployment of a high quality soil sampling system. It allows geotechnical contractors to take their ground investigation capabilities to the next level with only a small investment compared with a stand-alone soil sampling system.

The main features of the Ranger are:

  • Undisturbed soil sampler
  • 66 mm sample diameter
  • Easy to setup and operate
  • No need to extract the sample from the liner
  • 0.5 m or 1 m samples
  • Can be deployed with almost all CPT rigs
  • Soil retainer basket ensures sample recovery


  • VWP
  • Standpipe
    – 20mm
    – 32mm

Medusa Dilatometer testing (DMT)

The Medusa DMT is a probe able to autonomously perform dilatometer tests, which generates and measures the pressure directly at depth. The obtained DMT readings are extremely repeatable, because the fluid is liquid (incompressible) and the pressure regulation is electronically controlled. New test procedures are possible, such as high resolution dissipation tests and horizontal pressure measurements during penetration.

A Flat Dilatometer test consists of advancing a blade into the ground with any common field machine. At each test depth, a circular steel membrane located on one side of the blade is expanded horizontally against the soil. The pressure readings are recorded at specific moments during the membrane expansion. The blade is then advanced to the next test depth, typically with 0.20 m depth interval.

Geomil Equipment GVT-100 Field Vane Tester

The Geomil Equipment GVT-100 field vane tester is a sophisticated PLC controlled device with a high precision torque sensor. The testing procedure and data acquisition are fully software controlled. With a nominal torque of 100 Nm, all standard vanes can be applied allowing for the determination of the undrained shear strength of cohesive soils. The rotational speed can be adjusted from 0.1 °/s up to 20 °/s, while the sampling rate can be user defined between 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz.

The logging and control software communicates with the PLC and allows for the various user inputs. In line with the latest standards, the control software provides options for the following automated test procedures:

  • vane test to obtain undrained shear strength (Su )
  • remoulding to obtain residual shear strength (cres, v)
  • subsequent vane test to obtain remoulded shear strength value (crv)

The measured values are displayed in real-time, both numerical and graphical, whereby the actual torque is plotted against the rotation angle or time. Simultaneously all measured data and the test variables are logged in a separate ASCII file, which is then used as input for further processing in an Excel spreadsheet. The purpose-built spreadsheet allows plotting of the vane test results such as rotation angle, shear strength and remoulded conditions.

The use of a standard spreadsheet offers the user a great deal of flexibility. The GVT-100 comes with two standard rectangular vanes (100 x 50 mm and 150 x 75 mm respectively), which are both default inputs in the processing spreadsheet. Other vane sizes can be used as well and the different dimensions can be input while processing. The GVT-100 is designed for the use of CPT tubes as actuating and extension rods, with casing tubes acting as friction reducer. A special protection shoe on the toe of the casing tubes protects the vane while it is advanced into the subsoil. The use of standard CPT equipment reduces investment cost for current users.

Main Characteristics of the GVT-100

  • PLC Controlled
  • Rotational speed adjustable 0.1°/s to 20°/s
  • Standard and custom vanes can be applied


  • Adapters for standard (STD), heavy (HVY) and speedlock (SPL) threaded CPT tubes
  • Slip coupling (SPL only)

MOSTAP Soil Samplers


  • Proven push sampling technique; thick-walled piston samplers
  • Used in combination with a CPT system or other pushing system
  • Samples with a diameter of 35, 65 or 70mm
  • Suitable versions for various soil types
  • Special versions for contaminated soil

Soil sampling is a fundamental part of geotechnical soil investigation. Many geotechnical laboratory tests require “undisturbed” soil samples. The MOSTAP soil sampler is a fixed-piston sampler with a proven technique of minimising soil disturbance and able to obtain samples of various diameters and lengths.

How the MOSTAP works

The MOSTAP is pushed by CPT rods or casing tubes to the required starting depth. A wire-line catching tool is lowered inside the string and unlocks the cutting mouth. Subsequently, the MOSTAP is pushed down while the conical tip is held stable by the wire-line, acting as a piston. The MOSTAP sample tube slides beyond the conical tip. Once the tube reaches the required end depth, the catching tool releases the tip and can be pulled out. Then the string including the MOSTAP with soil sample can be retracted (to remove the sample). The use of a core catcher and sock is optional and will depend on the soil type and sample conditions.

The MOSTAP is pushed by CPT rods or casing tubes to the required starting depth. A wire-line catching tool is lowered inside the string and unlocks the cutting mouth.

For MOSTAP 70, causing less disturbances of the soil:

  • An apex angle of 40 degrees
  • A cutting shoe that is provided with a 6 degree cutting edge
  • An internal drain that eliminates the negative pressure created during retraction

Sample Length

The MOSTAP 70 provides the option to extend the sample length with portions of 1m. The sample tubes are 1m and positioned at the same height as the outer tubes and therefore dismountable one by one.

Ensuring sample quality

For MOSTAP 35/65/70:

  • A nylon sock ensures minimal friction during sampling; the nylon sock is cut to the required size and slides into a plastic liner tube
  • Closing caps and a plastic liner tube ensure minimal loss during transportation and storage

For MOSTAP 70, to ensure less disturbances of the soil:

  • An apex angle of 40 degrees
  • A cutting shoe with a 6 degree cutting edge
  • An internal drain that eliminates the negative pressure created during retraction
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